Friday, March 20, 2009

Emma on St. Patrick's Day!

Emma was determined NOT to get pinched, thanks to her grandma! Thanks Bonnie, the kids really liked the package. Emma wore her stuff all day. She wanted to show everyone that her necklace has a light that blinks and she raised it right in front of her face just in time for me to snap this picture!
We have had a great week. I went to the doctor on Thursday and got to see an ultrasound of our baby with a very strong heartbeat! We have been waiting to announce our great news until we heard the heartbeat. So if you are finding out now please don't feel hurt because we have been keeping our exciting news a secret! :) Mario, the kids, and I are so excited we are just praying that everything continues to develop normally. With my pregnancies with Ethan and Emma I never gave it a second thought about health problems, miscarriages, etc. But I guess now I'm a little wiser and older so I have been nervous but I still believe everything is in God's plan no matter what. I just look at our kids and realize what a true miracle from God they really are! :)
I have been VERY nauseous over the last few weeks. Lemon drops have become my new favorite candy to help with the sickness. I am now thankfully starting to feel a little better. Maybe it was just seeing that little baby on the ultrasound just growing away that inspired me. But I have cut out everything fun to eat out of my diet and have since started eating smaller portions but just eating snacks like cheese crackers. For some reason I have problems with anything from the peanut family. I had a handful of peanuts last week and that did not go over well with my stomach and same with peanut butter crackers or sandwich. So I have decided to just stay clear of foods from the peanut family until Oct. Mario has been so nice to help me clean the house this week and fix meals since I have been so sick! Our due date is Oct. 27th! Have a great weekend! ~Amy

Our Zoey's Pizzeria fun.

The kids really enjoy going out for a Sat. lunch at Zoey's Pizzeria. Its got a small town feel to it. Very family oriented. The kids enjoy the coloring sheets and the great food. It's just a small family owned place and the service is just wonderful. I took a quick pic of the exterior as you can tell it's very simple and classic. The kids love the old booths, bright decor, and fun music. It has become an Andreani hangout at least once a month!

Our field trip!

Ethan and his friend Sammy standing in front of the cottage where Herbert Hoover, our 31st president, was born in 1874. We took the kids to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum in West Branch, Iowa. The day was so nice in the upper 70's which is well above normal for Iowa so we really took advantage of it. :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

"Whoa, whoa, what is that Japanese?"

This is our new favorite commercial its about a VP that needs tech support to microwave his lunch. Our favorite line is when the IT tech reads the instructions and the VP goes "Whoa, whoa, what is that Japanese?" way too funny :)