Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Wedding Gift...

We were invited to a fairy tale wedding this weekend. The wedding was so romantic. The bride was just stunning and the church was just as beautiful. It was at an old Catholic church from the late 40's because it had a lot of Art Deco style. It was a good experience for the kids, Emma loved it. I caught her in her room playing "wedding" with her Barbies. I guess she has to dream, right! I couldn't help to think as the bride's father gave a toast to his daughter about how proud he was of his "little girl" that someday Mario will be doing the same thing. I looked down at Emma just soaking the whole event up with her big brown eyes and I asked her if she wanted to get married someday and she said, "No, Mommy I want to live with you forever!" I should get that on tape, it made me smile. Have a good week everyone! :)

Breakfast Nook!

I decided to switch sides with my table and buffet in my eat-in-kitchen. This meant Mario had to move my chandelier. He wasn't too happy about the project at first but it gave us much more space to move our chairs around and eat comfortably.

Kid's Playing!

Another big change is about to occur in our family and it has to do with Thomas the Tank. We have been playing with it for a few years now but the kids are not into it as much as they once were. So with that being said I took these pics of them playing together with Thomas. It is the first time in months and it brought back some fun memories we had building it together!!!

Ethan and Emma blowing up balloons.

Emma and Ethan got new haircuts. I think they turned out pretty cute. We still go to the kid’s salon where they get to sit on animals while they get their hair cut and styled and watch Elmo on TV. It just occurred to me that this might be our last time to do this special treat because Ethan now calls it the "Baby haircut place!" :( I guess next time I'll just take them to Cost Cutters! How boring!

Ethan or should I say Iron Man...

Ok there are 2 things Ethan really likes to play with right now Iron Man and Transformers.

Emma's First "Real" Tea Party!

We celebrated our friend Serene's 11th Birthday at our house this weekend because her family is in the process of moving. And she wanted an All American Girl tea party. It turned out to be a lot of fun. Emma didn't like the taste of the tea but she sure enjoyed the party! Looks like the girls had fun...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Special piece of art!

Mario's mom was so nice to let us have one of the paintings Mary Lee, Mario's late grandmother, painted and signed. It holds a special place in our hearts and we are so honored to hang it in our study. I think it fits in nicely. I love her use of color, she was so talented. Have a good weekend everyone! ~Amy

A cherished piece of art!

Mario's late grandmother Mary Lee was as I've said before a very neat person. She loved art and to paint so when Mario was a boy and showed interest in art it really made her happy! So much she framed these 2 pictures he drew and colored the top one of a knight on a horse which she put the age at the bottom he was 5 and the bottom picture was of a ship which Mario drew at the age of 7. They have been framed in her home all these years and now we have inherited them. Ethan also loves to draw so someday we will pass them on to him! :)

Our Sunroom Deals!

I know I've been shopping a lot here lately. But this is a great time of year to find some deals. I bought this wicker settee and chair with the cushions at Pier 1 for a deal! The cushions have chocolate, greens, pink and yellow colors. The wicker is a distressed green color so it looks great up against the grey! This room has turned out to be a great hang out spot for our family. And to think a few months ago this room was used for storage!!!

Emma's new sign above her bed!

I thought this lilac distressed sign above Emma's bed turned out cute! She loves to dance!

Shopping at Gordman's!!!

I was cleaning like a crazy person the day before our house guests arrived and I broke my favorite urn that I used to put these feathers in on my desk. Luckily I found this neat planter at Gordman's and I actually like it better! Whew! I thought it would take me months to find the perfect replacement! And the best part is I got it with a coupon so it cost me only $10, very cool! They have a lot of neat house decor at a good price!

I also found this at Gordman's this past weekend with our family visiting from OKC and I was shocked when, you guessed it, they already had their Fall goodies out! I found this fun piece I'm not sure what I'll do with it but for the price I'm sure I'll think of something. It's not like I don't have around 3 months to think about it. HA! I think sometimes these retailers get a little ahead of themselves, don't you? But I fell for it, didn't I!!!