Friday, March 18, 2011


We had a great time visiting last week. It was not the trip we planned, but it all worked out. We had planned on taking the kids to the zoo among many others things but when you have 2 kids sick it just doesn't always work out. Ethan came down with strep and Elise had a fever that topped at 104. So we spent 2 days at the doctor but it was nice to visit with our old pediatrician and ran into old friends. Actually the whole trip was more meaningful. We got to see the kids so happy just hanging out with their grandparents, aunts, and uncle which really makes you stop and realize just how important family is.

My dad was so happy just to sit in his living room and talk with us. We had good conversations not forced or generic, very genuine. When we left he seemed so sad to see us go. I have never been good with goodbyes yet I am very aware how important it is to tell someone that you love and appreciate them. My 94 year old grandma looked so weak and lonely it was hard to tell her goodbye. She was so happy just to get hugs from the kids. I was so proud of them. Ethan really showed me just how caring and thoughtful he CAN be. He offered to get her things without me even mentioning it. He is becoming very aware of people and their feelings but still loves to annoy his sisters.

I didn't get to visit with all my aunts, cousins, and friends as I really wanted too but that's what is so wonderful about having such a great family. I know they understood and next time will catch up. I do really miss Oklahoma the weather was so warm, the trees were budding, the flowers were out, and spring was there. Here in Iowa we're still waiting but at least it's starting to warm up!:)


Emma loved her  skating experience! She did pretty good. She has
some beginner skates
but I think
she just might be ready for some like these.

Mario was a good sport about going out on the rink with the kids since I couldn't.
I really wanted too. I still have my ol' white skates with pink wheels. I loved to skate when
I was their age. My friend Jana and I would skate all day in our neighborhood!

Ethan had never skated before so it took him
 a bit but he did good!
Emma and Mario helping him out!

Emma looking great! She has great balance. Must be Ballet!

Emma checking out the
 other skaters.
 This girl was pretty good!

Ethan getting help from grandpa!

Now he looks like he is having fun!

Emma at Pink Swirls. Great place to get some
 yummy and somewhat healthy ice cream!

Ethan put about 12 toppings in his ice cream. At least he
put some
 We loved the whole experience.

Mario looking cool on the rink.;)