Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Mario!

Today marks Mario's 34th Birthday! The kids have some BIG plans for him tonight! I'll post pics later! :)

Yesterday we went to our 31 week appt. and heard baby's heart beat! She has decided to get into position, finally! She preferred being "heads up" until just recently! Ethan stayed home with his daddy while Emma came to the appt. with me. After yesterday I have decided Emma loves it to be just the girls. We had to wait awhile so we just had girl time which was fun. Emma is a talker. She told me she can't wait until she grows up so she can be a "baby doctor" but asked me if I could stay the same age. Emma is concerned about me growing older. My kids are both very deep thinkers. She told me she wants "me" to start eating better so I can stay young and we can be the same age! My friend Paula and I were just talking about how funny it is with girls and their mood changes. Just the other night Emma got mad at me because I poured her a glass a milk instead of grape juice to drink before bedtime. She went as far as drawing me a picture.

The picture was of me and her holding hands and at the top of the paper she wrote, "Y R U and then drew a mean face. I thought it was pretty clever for a 5 year old honestly. I asked her to explain the picture and she said she wrote, " Mommy why are you so mean?" I responded to her, because I love you! She went to bed and woke up the next morning and requested milk to drink, go figure! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Me, at 3o weeks!!!

Well I put this up for you Paula! :) Yes that is some of our fall decor behind me. Ethan drove me crazy until I just caved and put it out. He LOVES to decorate for the holidays....I can't believe we only have 10 weeks left! I am starting to really feel it too. My toes look it, they are painted a few different colors. :) Painting them has become a pain. Maybe I should just spend the money like everyone else and get a pedicure??? Oh well, Emma thinks they look beautiful and that is all that matters! It is mainly my left side that hurts all the time now. I am starting to use the what we call "pregnancy card" more and more. For example I'll tell Mario I can't do something and ask him too. AND my new fav reason is my side really hurts remember I am pregnant! He has been a good sport about though!:) And the house is staying very clean these days! I am always wiping something down. We have found a couple of really good deals on mini vans so I'm hoping in the next few weeks we can buy one. We have seen so many good deals come and go so we now know we are really going to have to buy one soon! I am starting to retain water like normal in my legs and feet. I was hoping I wouldn't do that this pregnancy but I guess that is just what my body does. Oh well. The kids love to lay on my stomach and feel Elise move. She is starting to really have some power behind her kicks! She seems to get really excited at night when the kids are laughing and being crazy! I think she wonders what is going on...

More Fun!

Ethan and Emma at the park behind our house having fun at Dotti's party.

Our friend Dotti, had her 1st birthday a few weeks ago. She usually comes and visits us once a week so the kids have really gotten to know her! They really enjoy getting out all our old baby toys for her to play with. It is so sweet to watch how patient they are with her. I know they are going to do great with our baby Elise Claire! The kids made drawings of little Dotti riding on that back of their cute pug dog Wrinkie and we put ribbon around them. When we bought Dotti's present Ethan said, "Now Mommy can we wrap her present instead of getting a cheap bag to put it in?" Ethan, for some crazy reason, loves it when I wrap presents he thinks bags look cheap. He loves to help with the tape part.