Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Elise Claire turns 1!!!

These days having been flying by for me. When I looked at the calendar and realized it was Elise's 1st birthday it really hit me. So I have been trying my hardest just to let things set just a little bit longer so I can really enjoy all three of my kids. If you saw my house right now you'd be VERY shocked but I really wanted to take a moment and share some of these cute pics of her! She LOVES baby dolls. It's so cute because she'll pat her baby's head and give them kisses. She got a baby stroller for her birthday and I really recommend it. It's a great size for her and she can even lift it if it gets stuck and her babies slide in it very easy.

Elise has walked since a few days past 11 months and has never looked back! She wants so bad to be like Ethan and Emma! She can say the basics; momma, dadda, no, hi, meow(for our cat), wave hi, and bye, be-be(for bottle). BUT she loves to just gab. She makes sound effects for her toy(just like Ethan did and still does) she loves her barn and tractor. She also has a little car she can sit on that keeps her busy, it makes cool sounds. She is getting into books now and baby puzzles. She will point at birds outside and make sounds and then just start laughing! She has an AMAZING laugh. BUT she can also have a very bad temper!!! She doesn't want to give up the bottle for nothing! We are trying different sippy cups so we'll see! She is a daddy's girl for sure, when he comes home from work she gives him the tightest hugs and I can tell that it just makes his day. :)