Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ethan's 8th Birthday...

This is what we woke up to on the day of Ethan's party, snow. I have lived in
Iowa long enough now that it honestly
 didn't shock me.

And it was beautiful and any other day would have been great but we had 9
boys coming for
 Ethan's party. I think it all worked out. They ate pizza, cake, and played video games.
And seemed to have a good time!


Ethan and Emma opening up grandma's present.

Ethan giving Emma a hug after he opened her gift, a Star Wars Bounty Hunter.

The big present from us, Boba Fett Lego Set. It's kinda sad because as the kids get older
the number of gifts we can give them gets smaller and smaller. A couple of books,
new bike, and a
Lego set and we called it good!:) But he said this was his favorite birthday!

I was going to bake a cake and realized I would have to bake 2 cakes to make sure we had
enough cake for everyone so I splurged and we bought this at Target and it was yummy. I thought
it was pretty cute too better than what I was going to do for sure.:)

I still can't believe their are 8 candles on that cake, it really makes me stop and think how fast
our kids are growing up.

Ethan getting a little shy while we are singing to him!

And Elise she LOVES chocolate cake! Can you tell?:)